Tutorial: Vanellope Von Schweetz Leggings

When I was planning my Vanellope Von Schweetz costume from Wreck-It Ralph, I decided that I wanted to make Vanellope’s leggings out of pieced-together fabric instead of painting a pair of leggings. I’d never made leggings before, but I’d drafted a custom leotard pattern and figured that I could handle it.

I started out drafting a pattern of plain leggings for a mock-up. You can find tutorials online for drafting a legging pattern––it’s pretty easy. I took measurements of my waist, my crotch and butt, the circumference of my leg at different places (thigh, knee, calf, ankle), and the distance between all those circumference measurements from my waist to my ankle. Half the waist measurement and draw all the measurements onto a piece of paper. That’s your pattern. If it looks huge, that’s okay–that’s just the circumference of your leg, it’s supposed to look like that.

Once I had the pattern done, I cut out two legs and made my mock-up. (Remember to take the stretch of the fabric into account as well as a seam allowance when you’re cutting out the fabric.) Get the fit perfect on your mock-up, because that’s what you’ll use as your pattern.

Once you have your mock-up done, draw the design on your pattern. For Vanellope’s candy-striped leg, I wrapped tape around my leg at the angle I wanted and traced the lines. It would have been easier with two people, but I managed pretty well alone. For her horizontally-striped leg, I used a ruler to draw the lines on:


Fitted mock-up with pattern pieces drawn on



Now that your mock-up is done, you’re going to cut the seams to separate the legs and go back to your original leg pattern:


Candy-Striped mock-up leg with pattern

I labeled and numbered my pattern pieces so that I didn’t accidentally attach the wrong pieces later on. (My pattern ended up being 19 pieces, so I had a lot to keep up with!)

I don’t have a picture of this, but after I cut the mock-up apart, I pinned the pieces to big pieces of paper and cut out my pattern pieces. These pieces won’t stretch like the spandex would, and it’s easier to pin fabric to paper than to pin fabric to fabric. Plus, I now have a pattern that I can re-use if I need to.

I pinned my pattern pieces to my fabric, cut them out, and sewed them together one at a time:


Candy-Striped Leg


I painted on the purple line before I sewed the fabric into a leg because it would be easier to get a straight line that way:


Horizontally-striped leg


Finally, I sewed the legs together like I did my mock-up. You can attach elastic to the waistband in several different ways–just attaching it to the top works if they’re going under something like these are, or you can make a casing out of the fabric and insert the elastic that way. There are a lot of tutorials for that, too.

Here are the finished leggings!


Finished leggings


And here’s my finished costume. It’s a shame you can’t see the candy pieces very well:


Vanellope von Schweetz


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